My Blogging Reality, Guilt and Hopes

Sydney Harbour - HannahAll I can seem to write about lately are random (somewhat homesick) posts about being an expat, thoughts on being American and reflections on what I miss the most about Ohio. The Tribe season opener was yesterday, and I wanted to be back in Cleveland so badly (and I’m not even that huge of a baseball fan). I don’t publish most of what I write. I just enjoy venting sometimes.

I feel like I should be writing more industry posts related to my work. I’ve had some great learns from my most recent work with Rocketman. However, it feels forced. I sit down to write and I feel so flat about it. I don’t want to publish posts on my personal blog that I’m not feeling passionate about. It seems pointless.

The posts that I really want write and share are about my life in Sydney. I want to record foodie adventures and discovering local venues in Darlinghurst. Instead I just write the occasional 100-word Yelp review. It feels like I never have time to blog, but I guess I just haven’t made it a priority.

Any advice for me on how to get out of this blogging slump?


3 thoughts on “My Blogging Reality, Guilt and Hopes

  1. Happens to all bloggers, Hannah. Try mind mapping as an exercise. I always start with 5-7 general categories of posts. One of yours might be Ex Pat and another might be marketing. Come up with a few more and then start you maps with those terms at the center. Doing this also helps you visually see how to balance your content so you don’t get stuck in one category. Hope that helps : )

  2. Hi Hannah,

    I like blogging about the differences and similarities between my home and host countries. I think about the most mundane things and how they are in my new country and I just go from there. It’s amazing where it leads me when I just sit and think for a few minutes. I see some blogs that are full of crazy adventures and awesome pictures, I don’t really have that. I am just living a normal day-to-day life here but find interesting things in it nonetheless. I think your blog and thoughts are interesting and original, I enjoy reading them! Have a great weekend.


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