Travel, Sydney and expat life

5 Tips for Planning a Trip to Iceland – The Life That Broke

10 Reasons to Intern Abroad – The Education Abroad Network

Gold Coast vs. Sydney: Where should I study abroad? – The Education Abroad Network

10 Deals that will Save you Money in Sydney – The Education Abroad Network


6 of Sydney’s Best Offbeat Neighborhoods – Plum Deluxe

Christmas Abroad 2010 – Aussie on the Road

The Australian Work Culture – WhyGo Australia

Brands and Bloggers

Bloggers and brands: who is responsible for ROI? – mUmBRELLA

It’s okay to for brands to pay bloggers for their time – mUmBRELLA

Influencers and Brands: Understanding the Results – IZEA Blog

3 key steps for building stronger relationships with brands – Mojito Mother

Career and job search

How to land a PR job abroad – Ragan’s PR Daily

How to land a PR job abroad after college – Communications Conversations

5 Lessons in PR Not Learned in the Classroom – PRINKS

Other guest posts

Interview with Simon Crerar, Editor of BuzzFeed Australia – The Fetch

Event Review: Vivid Keynote, Johnny Cupcakes – The Fetch

Event Review: Portable Presents Frank Chimero – The Fetch

Brighten Up Your Keyboard: DIY Washi Tape Keyboard – Plum Deluxe

5 Reasons Vine is my Favorite Social Network – prTini


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