My Favorite Picks of the Week

Tomorrow is Central Ohio PaRtners Conference. I’ve been part of a team working over the last several months to make this student conference come alive. If you are a PR, communication or business student in the sate of Ohio (especially Columbus) you should be at this event. There will be about 40 professionals in attendance from a variety of industries and backgrounds. We have 12 sessions you can choose from throughout the day. Check out the lineup here and be sure to follow the conversation on Twitter: #ocpartners

This is is simple (and awesome). Follow @ListWatcher on Twitter and receive a DM when you are added to a new list or taken off one. I’m obsessed. Sometimes there is a slight delay but I think it’s been catching all updates and changes so far. Thanks @SeanMalarkey for sharing this tip.

I learned about a new site called Gal’s Guide after hearing its creator Blagica Bottigliero speak at FutureMidwest last weekend. It is designed to help young women who are relocating or moving to a new city after graduation. Although Blagica writes from her Chicago experiences the blog has now grown to includes guides to several cities. Love the community building and the mission.

What are you favorite picks of the week?


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