Becoming a Social Brand

How do you get others talking about you online?

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Having a presence in social media is starting to become the standard for companies. Creating a Twitter account for your organization won’t get you the same bonus points it did just a year ago.

Now consumers are focused on the companies that not only are able to use the tools but also understand the power behind them. Being a social brand is not necessarily measured by your follower numbers. Social brands are driven by personality and connect with their networks on a more meaningful level.

When I think of social brands I think of brands you would not just recommend but actually go out of your way to endorse. I love recommending local restaurants that are active on social networks. They manage to stay at the top of my mind. I like talking about them because I know that someone who works there is reading what I’m saying and cares.

I’m betting a lot of my Columbus friends follow @jenisicecreams on Twitter – a great example of a social brand. They share pictures that others tweet of their ice cream, they respond when you both talk to them or about them. They have fun and sometimes randomly tweet “scoop scoop” just because they can. They not only engage but also have their own persona online.

I crave authenticity and originality from my brands and companies now. Running a contest where you have to retweet a message to win has been done many times. Brands that are thinking creatively stand out now. How can companies incorporate geolocation and mobile technology into a campaign?

My point is, just showing up isn’t enough anymore. What will you do to stand out?


2 thoughts on “Becoming a Social Brand

  1. Thanks for the mention, Hannah.

    When we [scoop] on Twitter, it’s about two things:

    (1) During the summer, we’re scooping all the time — 11 to 11, 7 days a week — and it’s a reminder of that

    (2) Is there a better ice-cream making song that “Shoop”? Last year, we used to tweet the whole chorus, substituting ‘scoop’ for ‘shoop,’ but we didn’t want it to get old, so now we just allude to it truncatedly (and sometimes folks who remember tweet the rest back).

    Mostly, we’re just having fun, though, keeping ourselves amused. And giving love back to those who’ve given it to us.

    Thanks again.

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