My Neglected Google Reader

The way I consume blogs has changed. I used to follow specific blogs and people. I enjoyed this. You appreciate blogs that you follow over a period of time — you learn things about that blogger that help to fill in the gaps when reading. It gives new posts context. I’ve also found that following a blog over time is like watching a comedy series on TV. The humor grows on you at times. I think reading the same blog long term can make you appreciate that blogger’s wit and writing style.

Over the last couple years I find myself still reading a lot of blog posts, but few blogs. I read articles shared on Twitter and Facebook, while my Google Reader is rarely checked.  I feel that that still enjoy and connect with the content, but often know nothing of the author.

I’m not entirely sure why this happened. Part of it might have been the explosion of blogs out there. It seems like everyone and their dog has a blog now. I don’t mind this, but it’s tough to comb through all the information. I also can’t keep up with such a long list of blogs. I feel as though I need a curated cut of the best posts. By only reading posts recommended and shared on Twitter I hope that this is what I’m getting. However, I still miss following blogs. How do I find a balance in this without spending an insane number of hours reading blogs?

Do you follow specific bloggers on a day to day basis?


One thought on “My Neglected Google Reader

  1. Very interesting post. I love hearing how different people get their news and information and how do people read blogs. I swear by my Google Reader. I add anything I am interested to it. Since I only have access to internet at work, I come into work and open it. I scroll through the whole thing (usually about 150 posts in the 15 hours I was away) and *STAR* anything that looks interesting. Once I have cleaned it out, I go back and read what I have starred. I get that 150 posts down to less then 50 in 20 minutes. Weekends are harder (around 500 posts over 3 days), but I do the same system. I don’t miss anything I want and get rid of the stuff I am not interested in really fast.

    Good luck on getting organized!

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