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What’s Up Columbus?

Sandbox Speed Networking
Tuesday, January 26
Sandbox Columbus, 851 N. Pearl St.
5:30-8 p.m.

This networking event is part of a series being held at Sandbox Columbus. It’s a coworking space in the short north (which I adore). It has a laid back environment and lots of cool peeps so I believe this series will reflect that. Visit eventbrite to pre-register and see who else is signed up.


Wonderland Columbus Pre-Launch
Friday, January 29
Juncitonview Studios, 889 Williams Ave.
6:30-9:30 p.m.

Unfortunately I think I’ll be out of town for this one, but I still wanted to give a shout out for the Wonderland Columbus pre-launch event. The former 65,000 square foot factory of Wonder Bread is being transformed into shared studio space (combination of artist studios, music studios, shared office space, and retail space). This is the first meeting for those interested in this project.


Alleviating Poverty through Entrepreneurship (APTE) Summit
Friday, February 5
Wexner Center Film Theater
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business will bring together students, professionals, and community members to connect with each other and learn about market-based approaches to solving poverty. Visit the site to see the lineup of speakers for the day. This is a FREE event, but you need to register online. I’m really looking forward to hearing everyone share!


Sports Spotlight Event
Monday, February 22
Otterbein College, Roush Hall
7-8:30 p.m.

This is an event being put on by our Otterbein PRSSA chapter. The panel consists of communications, marketing and broadcast professionals who work in sports. There will be a short presentation with Q&A time followed by table discussion and open networking. This event is free and open to all Otterbein students but if someone else is interested in attending just send me a message for details (we should have some extra seats).


These are some local upcoming happenings on my radar. Please leave a comment and let me know what else is on your list. I hope to see you around soon.

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Distracted by my Own Breath

cc license, Ame Otoko

Last Friday I had the opportunity to hear Artie Isaac give a presentation at The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business. It was a talk on leading with your heart for a group of first year MBA students. Obviously, I’m not part of that group but there were some extra seats so I quickly took the opportunity to jump in and learn. I was left with a lot to think about, but I wanted to share just a few points in this post on how I want to start living.

How do you feel?

I want start taking time to pause and evaluate how I’m feeling. Not on an emotional or mental level, just physically how I’m feeling at a particular moment. Is my body relaxed, tense, hot or cold? What types of situations make me feel uncomfortable and stressed? There are some days I practically run through my routine. I rarely stop and think about how I feel, but perhaps this would help me feel more in control.

We are humans doing, not humans being.

Another thing I plan on trying is more self-reflection. Artie recommended sitting for a half hour every day in self-reflection. This does not mean writing another “to do” list or just relaxing with a good book that makes you think. This is a deeper examination of oneself. It’s a terrifying thought actually, because we are constantly doing. I am very guilty of this. I feel most alive when my schedule is the most crowded. I want to stop doing so I can start being and focus on my life.

Become selfish.

We must sometimes become selfish to be more helpful to others. I must tell people ‘no’ at times so I can become more powerful and make a difference. It’s an interesting approach, since we are told that being selfish is a negative attribute. Remember, taking time for ourselves in not a bad idea. I hope to find a balance between being a gracious volunteer and friend but also learning when I should say ‘no’ and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

If you haven’t met Artie yet and would like to hear him speak, I definitely recommend it. Take him up on his invitation to sit in on an upcoming lecture at CCAD. I also pull inspiration and new ideas from his blog on creativity and ethics. Now go spread the good word.


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