Otterbein Nerds: Halloween Review

Let me start by saying I love Otterbein. I really do and my last four years have been great. At the same time I wonder how choosing a small, liberal arts college in the suburbs, with a dry campus created a very different experience for me compared to others.

CIMG3018This past weekend my friends and I won tickets to the Ohio State vs. New Mexico football game. It was my first time going to an OSU game and being in the horseshoe. It was a lot of fun and most of the time I couldn’t believe I was watching college football. While students do attend Otterbein games, we definitely don’t have anything like the ‘Buckeye Bounce’ before kickoffs or a t-shirt cannon. The sporting events are free for students. You just show someone at the gate your ID card.

After the game we got our costumes ready for Short North’s Highball Halloween. Our plan was to park at my friend’s brother’s house and head a few blocks down from south campus. We thought we might come back to the CIMG3045house afterwards too since they were having people over. When we got back from highball the house was packed. You couldn’t walk across the room and people were lined up outside trying to get in. Everyone who actually lived there was outside watching who entered.

It took me and my friends about two minutes to look around and decide to peace out. We packed up and went back to Westerville. We made a few jokes on the ride home about not being hardcore enough to party at OSU but felt no regret. I still wonder what my life would have been like at a big school, but for now I’m still happy to consider myself an Otterbein nerd.


2 thoughts on “Otterbein Nerds: Halloween Review

  1. Being a graduate of Otterbein College in 2008, I agree with you that there is something about the campus that makes it unique and much different from some other college campuses. What really made the Otterbein experience unique was a small college atmosphere and the people who went there. There were so many nice people on that campus and that really made walking around there on a daily basis a fun experience.

    There were few people that thought Otterbein football games were boring at times but I never thought so. Those who did come out got to see athletes who wanted to be on the team and were happy to have that opportunity. The addition of the Red Zone (which started my senior year) and putting the band in the stands has made the fan experience more fun and has provided more reasons for students to go to the games. Going there for a night game too was always fun because it seemed to attract people from both the Otterbein and Westerville communities.

    Heading down to Ohio State every once in a while wasn’t bad but I agree with you that it was different. One of the first times I went down there with friends, I too saw how crowded some of the houses down near the OSU campus got for a weekend party (and it was during Halloween weekend).

    I felt no regrets either hanging around Otterbein’s campus and hanging out with the friends I had made there. It was easier to get to know everyone in a smaller group and I’ll never forget the friendships I made in those smaller groups.

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