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My Favorite Picks of the Week

Things I’m digging this week both online and just in general…

20 Something Bloggers — heard some buzz about this community through friends on Twitter. I’ve only started learning about the group but I’ve already been impressed by how welcoming everyone is. I had a comment on my last blog post within the first 24 hours of registering. You do have to request to join, they require you are that you are 20 and actually have a blog. Worth checking out if you are indeed a 20 something blogger.

Raising Kids to Be Entrepreneurs — video from a talk given by Cameron Herold at TEDx Edmonton. I don’t know Cameron but I’m a fan of TED and really enjoyed his topic choice. It reminded me of my own Dad and the business lessons he taught (or always tried to teach) me growing up. Take a few minutes to watch the video start to end. I think it’s an important topic, I’m curious if others agree.

Da Levee — new Columbus restaurant delivering a taste of New Orleans to the Short North. I’ve only had the chance to visit one time for lunch so far but plan on returning again soon. Really delicious Cajun/Creole food. It’s the prefect amount of spice. The buttery garlic bread they served with my etouffee was also a memorable highlight. I’m getting hungry thinking about it now. Hit them up on Facebook for more info.

FutureMidwest — according to the site it’s the region’s largest two-day technology conference (April 16-17). I’m headed there this weekend to check it out and meet some cool peeps. Check out the list of speakers and let me know if you’re interested in making some last minute travel plans from Columbus. Anyone is more then welcome to come along. I like having a driving buddy. You can also check them out on Twitter @FutureMidwest

So tell me, what are you digging this week?

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Otterbein Nerds: Halloween Review

Let me start by saying I love Otterbein. I really do and my last four years have been great. At the same time I wonder how choosing a small, liberal arts college in the suburbs, with a dry campus created a very different experience for me compared to others.

CIMG3018This past weekend my friends and I won tickets to the Ohio State vs. New Mexico football game. It was my first time going to an OSU game and being in the horseshoe. It was a lot of fun and most of the time I couldn’t believe I was watching college football. While students do attend Otterbein games, we definitely don’t have anything like the ‘Buckeye Bounce’ before kickoffs or a t-shirt cannon. The sporting events are free for students. You just show someone at the gate your ID card.

After the game we got our costumes ready for Short North’s Highball Halloween. Our plan was to park at my friend’s brother’s house and head a few blocks down from south campus. We thought we might come back to the CIMG3045house afterwards too since they were having people over. When we got back from highball the house was packed. You couldn’t walk across the room and people were lined up outside trying to get in. Everyone who actually lived there was outside watching who entered.

It took me and my friends about two minutes to look around and decide to peace out. We packed up and went back to Westerville. We made a few jokes on the ride home about not being hardcore enough to party at OSU but felt no regret. I still wonder what my life would have been like at a big school, but for now I’m still happy to consider myself an Otterbein nerd.


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