My Digital Essay

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This quarter I’m taking a class from the English department called “Digital Essay.” It is focused on the art of digital storytelling. We write essays, record our voices and then pair it with video, pictures, music and sounds. I know that the digital storytelling is often associated with non-profits because it a powerful yet low budget communication tool. In our case we don’t necessarily have to tell a story. Our digital essays can be on any topic. We create three pieces throughout the quarter and then a final edited video to share in a public viewing.

As a communications major I was attracted to this class for obvious reasons. It is a new way to showcase my work and I can use social media to share that work with my friends and network. However, I’ve also been quite anxious about the class. While I do enjoy writing I don’t usually identify as a writer the same way many English majors or poets might. I don’t typically write in self-reflection or share too much of my personal life in my public writing. I would consider that to be unprofessional and unwise as a soon-to-be PR graduate. However, I think this class will challenge me to dig a little deeper than just showing a few pretty photographs and sharing a short story from my childhood.

I want my first essay to be about travel and how that changed my outlook on the world. A bit cliché but it is still a meaningful topic to me. I look forward to sharing my work here. If you’ve ever made your own digital story or essay, please leave a comment with a link.

If you are still scratching your head trying to figure out what a digital story is, visit the Center for Digital Storytelling and watch a few. I’m sharing Untitled by Nancy Palate tomorrow because I found it especially beautiful.


3 thoughts on “My Digital Essay

  1. Hannah – Great post. I believe you have a talent for sharing stories and can’t wait to see it come to life in digital form.

  2. Hannah,
    thank you for posting a link to my digital story.
    It was made years ago, yet the story is still relevant to me and to others. That is the greatest thing about telling our stories, they are somehow useful in years to come, for people you have never met.
    I applaud you for taking this path and encourage you to never stop living, writing and sharing what you write, use any medium you prefer, the result is always powerful.

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