Waiting for 2010

cc license, J. Griffin Stewart

New Year resolutions are the worst. Seriously, I sometimes feel like you have a better chance of accomplishing goals if you call them anything EXCEPT “New Year Resolutions.” Most of mine usually involve promises to work out more and eat healthier, sleep more, work harder, etc. I like the idea of starting off fresh but maybe I’m taking the wrong approach trying to start January 1st.

This year I’m not going to make any specific resolutions or promise myself anything for 2010. A wise Otterbein professor taught me not to wait for tomorrow. We shouldn’t count on the future because nothing is guaranteed. A scary thought but also wise and empowering in many ways. I want to be a better person and try harder everyday.

Having the mindset that I’m going to have to work harder every single day is not easy. It might even be tougher than setting goals for the year. It holds me more accountable. I’m not waiting or putting off my goals until tomorrow. I’m living for today and taking action now. I think this will make me happier than promising to go to the gym everyday.

Happy New Year friends!

Will you make any New Year resolution(s) for 2010? Do you find them effective?


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