Welcome 2011: What’s Next?

cc license, Rob & Jules

I know that 2010 was a big year for me. I graduated university, moved away from home (far away from home) and started a new job in Sydney. It was a lot of life changes that seemed to happen rather quickly.  Now sitting here and reflecting on New Year’s Eve, I can’t get the question of “So, what’s next?” off my mind.

I’m not keen on New Year resolutions but I’m a huge fan of setting goals. The goals I’ve worked toward over the last part of my life were fairly structured; go to college, play on the university tennis team, volunteer 300 hours, graduate, etc.  School provided me the environment where I could succeed with a four year deadline.

Now my goal setting timeline seems far more open ended. There is no deadline (besides the ultimate deadline of life) or graduation day to time them. I know it’s time to create my own milestones, but I’m not sure what they look like yet.  Do people measure their time by accomplishments, places they’ve lived, lessons learned or something else?

I’ll be writing down my goals for the next year, 5 years and 10 years in this coming week. I don’t have all the answers of where life will take me, but I’m also not satisfied being swept along with the current. 2010 might have been a big year but I plan on 2011 being even better.

Happy New Year Friends!

What are your big plans for 2011?


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