Sipping on some Coffee Culture: Australian Edition

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“Make your coffee at home to save money.”

That’s one thing my mom kept reminding me before I moved abroad. Be smart and save money in little ways. A cup of coffee might seem like a small cost but when you add it up over weeks and months it adds up. A good idea but I’m running into one small problem…

I’m buying coffee every day. I’m living in a country that loves their cafes and coffee.  Not only do I buy coffees out, I’m actually buying more coffees out than I ever have before.

There is a rather lovely culture around coffee (and tea) in Australia. Almost all of my coworkers either go on coffee shop runs daily. There are so many local cafes to choose from and they all take their coffee very seriously. It’s made properly and never rushed. My first week here I stood impatiently waiting for my coffee to be ready. I’ve learned quickly that is the wrong approach to take when it comes to ordering your coffee here. I have to remind myself to pause, wait, and relax.

I also like when going for a coffee becomes an event. At home I would make coffee in the morning as part of a caffeine habit. I never thought about it or enjoyed it. It was a mindless, early morning act. In Australia I like to sit and enjoy a coffee, ask a friend or coworker to come along or meet someone for coffee because it’s an occasion.

What is the coffee culture where you’re from?


15 thoughts on “Sipping on some Coffee Culture: Australian Edition

  1. Great post Hannah!

    Coffee serves two purposes for me. One, it’s caffeine and I rely on it. It’s safe to say I’m addicted — I have about 4 cups of coffee on any given work day to get me through it and to get through that evening’s activities.

    But I also enjoy my coffee. While I try to make my coffee and home and work, when’s it’s time to meet up with someone for a one-on-one, or if I need to meet with the other webmasters for our pariah, or really if it’s any sort of meeting that can take place in a coffee shop, that’s my vote.

    1. Thanks Lauren — I love/hate being addicted to that morning caffeine at times. I’ve tried giving it up for periods and only drinking water. It works well if you can survive those first couple weeks. Then you don’t miss it!

  2. Just all part of the culture, I guess. Like in furnished apartments, all places come with kettles for hot water but never a coffeemaker in sight!

    Man, I miss my “morning tea” breaks in New Zealand:-)

  3. I can’t drink instant anymore.. and while I’ve considered buying a coffee machine for home in the interests of ‘saving money’ I’m not home enough to justify the upfront cost when I can just walk 200m up the road to a cafe that does a great coffee for $3.00.

    Also, it’s a great excuse to duck out of the office and get some air during the day. Even if it’s only for 5 minutesd.

  4. Hi Hannah

    Your Dad told me to look you up on the internet. He is soooo proud of you and I know that he misses you alot. I had called him to tell him that it was peroghi time. I do miss your Dad and Uncle but I do enjoy being retired.

    Lots of good wishes as you start your new beginning.

  5. Lately I’ve been drinking the crap at the bottom of the pot out of Ernie’s left over styrofoam Speedway cups… classy. But, you gotta do what you gotta do.

  6. Oh, you’ve made me realise how much I miss Aussie coffee – I’m an Australian relocated to Canada. I can find good coffee here – but it’s not the same.

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