Letting Your Blog Be Your Online Home

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I’m not the most consistent blogger.  I always regret that I don’t write more often and envy those who are able to find time to write relevant posts on a daily basis. I’ve heard people use this as an excuse for not blogging altogether. “I don’t have time to start a blog” or “I would rather not blog at all because I know I wouldn’t update it.”

On one hand, I think it’s smart to recognize if you’re too busy to keep up with your blog. A neglected blog can look messy, especially when paired with an out of date resume or other forgotten social networking profile.  On the other hand I’ve had great experiences having a blog despite my inconsistent posting. Depending on what approach you take to blogging you can gain a lot of value that doesn’t necessarily have a dollar amount attached to it.

My blog is my online home. I own my domain name, thanks to some encouragement from mentor and friend Nate Riggs. I have my blog linked to all of my other profiles, it’s on my personal business card and if I have to give someone a link to find me I usually give them to visit that website.

While I don’t make money off my blog or have thousands of readers who cling to my every word. I’ve found a lot of value in blogging. It has connected me to other bloggers. I’m a member of several online communities that have allowed me to meet new friends with similar interests. In my recent move to Australia I made new connections through my blog. It also is a way for me to share that part of my life with friends and family and friends I don’t yet.

My blog represents me online. It should show up in the top few results when you search for my name. It’s a way to stand out from others working in the digital space. Also managing your own brand and community teaches you lessons in managing brands for others.

I’m not the best blogger, but I’m certainly glad I have my blog.

What benefits or opportunities have you gained from blogging?


6 thoughts on “Letting Your Blog Be Your Online Home

    1. Thank you Erika – that’s such a nice compliment from one blogger to another. I enjoy visiting your ‘online home’ for new updates as well. I need to send some more Australia stories soon!

  1. I would love my blog to be a more permanent online home – I suppose for me it is a little daunting writing long pieces when the rest of my life (work email, personal email, sms, twitter etc) is in 140 characters or less!

    It’s also hard to think of a blog as a professional networking tool; for me “online journals” have always been the realm of the teenage girl’s secret diary 🙂

    My blog does give me the room to put some thoughts into writing that I might otherwise just forget about though. I am still building it up and I would like to give it a solid theme so I write about work/tech more than my personal life…

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