An Exercise for the Mind: 30 Days of Writing

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My first challenge of giving up coffee last month has come to an end. I definitely missed it and was quite happy to order a flat white with brunch on the first of the month yesterday.  While giving up coffee (and that morning caffeine) was good for my health, this month I decided to choose something from the list that was good for my mind.  I’m going to write everyday this month, either on my blog, guest blogging or in my journal.

I started a journal my junior year of high school and have been writing off and on since then. While I take my blogging more seriously, my journal is just for me and a great stress release when needed.

In addition to my own blog, I also have a few guest blog posts coming up this month that I’ll be writing for others.

I’ve wanted to write more often, so what better way to encourage that habit than by making it my next 30 day challenge.

Do you keep a journal or blog? Both? 


2 thoughts on “An Exercise for the Mind: 30 Days of Writing

  1. When I was on my roadtrip with Heather and Nicole, I was using a nifty little iPhone app called Momento to keep notes about the day’s activities. Other than that, I’ve sometimes kept a journal when travelling, but I’m often too lazy. 🙂

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