An Exercise for the Mind: 30 Days of Writing

My first challenge of giving up coffee last month has come to an end. I definitely missed it and was quite happy to order a flat white with brunch on the first of the month yesterday.  While giving up coffee (and that morning caffeine) was good for my health, this month I decided to chooseContinue reading “An Exercise for the Mind: 30 Days of Writing”

Christmas Wish List

My friend Rachel Esterline wrote a post 20 Gifts A Young PR Professional Can Ask For This Christmas a couple weeks ago on her blog. It inspired me to write up my wish list for this year. I certainly don’t expect to get everything on my list (I haven’t been THAT good this year). Please consider it more of a dreamContinue reading “Christmas Wish List”

A Blog to Call My Own

Lately I’ve had some ideas for good posts, but sadly no home for them. I’ve contributed to several blogs over the past couple years but always hesitated in creating my own. I did start The Aussie Blog to document my study abroad experience last fall. The main reason I updated it was because I knewContinue reading “A Blog to Call My Own”