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An Exercise for the Mind: 30 Days of Writing

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My first challenge of giving up coffee last month has come to an end. I definitely missed it and was quite happy to order a flat white with brunch on the first of the month yesterday.  While giving up coffee (and that morning caffeine) was good for my health, this month I decided to choose something from the list that was good for my mind.  I’m going to write everyday this month, either on my blog, guest blogging or in my journal.

I started a journal my junior year of high school and have been writing off and on since then. While I take my blogging more seriously, my journal is just for me and a great stress release when needed.

In addition to my own blog, I also have a few guest blog posts coming up this month that I’ll be writing for others.

I’ve wanted to write more often, so what better way to encourage that habit than by making it my next 30 day challenge.

Do you keep a journal or blog? Both? 


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Christmas Wish List

My friend Rachel Esterline wrote a post 20 Gifts A Young PR Professional Can Ask For This Christmas a couple weeks ago on her blog. It inspired me to write up my wish list for this year. I certainly don’t expect to get everything on my list (I haven’t been THAT good this year). Please consider it more of a dream list.

In no particular order:

1. Flip digital camcorder: I can record short videos on my camera but the quality and sound isn’t great. I’d like to start making more mini movies of my family and friends to share. I’d also like to use the Flip for my Digital Essay class next quarter.

2. Business suit: This one also made Rachel’s list. The suit I have now is getting old and perhaps a little too small. Graduation and job interviews will be sneaking up soon and I know I need to start shopping soon.

3. Trip to SxSW (interactive festival): This Austin festival has a rather expensive price tag on it with the combined costs of registration, flight and accommodations. I’ve been debating making this a gift to myself for senior year because I think I’ll regret not going.

4. Noise blocking headphones: I used to think those bulky headphones were too big to wear comfortably, but now I’m reconsidering. I don’t like the ear buds very much. I know that I would use them a lot with my laptop, especially when I go places or work from home.

5. Desk calendar: My calendar this year was 365 pictures of beautiful Australia. I loved it and it’s going to be hard to find a new one this year. I think Lonely Planet made it, but I haven’t seen versions with other countires in stores here yet. I might like either a different country or another travel inspired calendar.

6. Spring break Seattle Style: Last spring break my friend Nicole from Washington came and visited me for a week. This year I want to visit her. She lives about an hour outside of Seattle. I’ve never been there before but heard it’s gorgeous. I would love to go visit her and hang out on the west coast for a week.

7. The Annual 2010 album from Ministry of Sound (AUS): This is the Australian version/label and includes 3 CDs mixed by John Course, Aston Shuffle and Goodwill. It looks like a decent line-up and I can never get enough MoS in my life.

What is on your Christmas or holiday wish list?

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NYC Trip

Just got back from a trip to New York City with the family. It had been awhile since I last visited and we had a lot of fun. I put together a short video and picture montage to share. Apparently now that the quarter is over I have lots of free time to work on strange little projects like this. Enjoy!

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A Blog to Call My Own

Lately I’ve had some ideas for good posts, but sadly no home for them. I’ve contributed to several blogs over the past couple years but always hesitated in creating my own. I did start The Aussie Blog to document my study abroad experience last fall. The main reason I updated it was because I knew my Grandma was reading and I wanted to share my experience with her.

Now that I have a “a blog to call my own” I plan on writing more often on topics that are timely and meaningful to me. It is true that blogging and writing on a regular basis can be a lot of work, especially when you’re a busy college student. Keeping up this blog might take that extra effort but it will be beneficial long-term. Happy reading peeps!

I’m also using this space as my online portfolio and resume. Check it out. I would love your feedback.

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