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30 Day Challenge: Dry June

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This is my 26th day in a row of not drinking. My current 30 day challenge of having a “dry June” has been less difficult than I originally thought it would be.  Part of me wondered if I would actually keep my promise of not drinking all month. I think that’s why I delayed blogging about it during week one.

I chose this challenge because I felt the need for a bit of a ‘detox’ in my life. I generally don’t stress about my drinking habits, but lately I had been feeling especially worn out. I needed to break the habit and give my body some time to recover.  I also was tired of the extra calories and spending so much money on going out.

I was also curious to see how I would spend my time. I wondered what I would do on my Friday and Saturday nights instead of going out with friends.  I wanted to know if I would still go out with friends or hide at home.  I still found that I was social and wanted to go with friends but my nights ended earlier. I was more proactive in planning dinners and movie nights without drinking.

I did save a lot of money. I still went out and did things that cost money (going to dinner, movies, etc.) but it was still cheaper in comparison to big nights out at the bars. My weekends were more productive this month. I woke up earlier and had the energy to go places, see friends and get things done before 11 a.m.

This is the longest break I’ve had from drinking (since starting drinking) and I’m really glad I did it.

I still have four more days of dry June. What should challenge be next month?


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