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The 30 Day Blogging Challenge

My Blogging Plans

After much slacking, I have a new 30 Day Challenge to motivate me this month.

I’m going to be blogging every day in March. A previous challenge of mine was “writing every day for 30 days.” While this was a rewarding challenge, I found that I didn’t record or measure it properly. I blogged, wrote in my journal mostly and also wrote some posts for friend’s blogs. This time around I’ll only be blogging. I have created a content calendar for the next 30 days with designated topics. While some of the posts will still appear on blogs other than mine, this time I’ll be pre-planning which posts and where they will be shared.

Steve Hopkins, who blogs at The Squiggly Line, helped inspire this particular 30 Day Challenge. He is also blogging for 30 days and asked others to do the same. Follow the chatter on Twitter #b03 and remember, it’s not too late to join. If you are planning on blogging this month, leave me a comment or tweet me so I can follow your blog posts too.

Will you be joining the 30 day blogging challenge?

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30 Day Challenge: Going Veggo

cc license, Cyn74

I had an interesting start to this month’s challenge.  Tuesday was Melbourne Cup and after a few drinks I found myself scarfing down a delicious chorizo pizza. Not a very good way to start my 30 days as vegetarian. However, I’m hopefully on the right track now.

The idea of having a meat-free month came up as soon as I decided to start these 30 day challenges. I knew it was something that truly would be a challenge for me, considering meat is part of my everyday diet. Not only do I typically eat meat daily, I probably eat more servings than I should and I quite enjoy it — guilty all around.  Since moving to Sydney I’ve already had a mind shift around how I view food. I used to believe that a meal only was complete with some type of meat. Now I know that’s untrue, and I’ve found of wide range of vegetarian meals I adore.

I didn’t choose this challenge because I have any true moral conflicts with eating meat. Although I do recognise some of the environmental effects meat consumption has. Mostly I’m doing it out of curiosity. I want to walk 30 days in someone else’s shoes. I’m always curious about new foods and this will force me to be creative with my meals and perhaps try a few new things. My sister is a veggo (ex-vegan) and also encouraged me to go for it. Always helps to have people encouraging you to try new things.

Day six and counting… wish me luck.

Do you have any yummy veggo recipes to share with me? 


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30 Day Challenge: Postcards from my Travels

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I love sending hand written notes to friends. I’ve had a lot of pen pals in the past. I also have accidentally started collecting postcards over the last 8 or 9 years. I used to buy them on trips to use in my scrapbooks and now have a leftover collection of random postcard travel memories.

My September 30 Day Challenge is sending postcards to 30 different people. I would love to send these postcards to 30 others who love receiving mail like me. I’m happy to send them anywhere in the world and to anyone who would appreciate a little handwritten note. Whether you know me well or have never met me, just send me an email hannah [dot] demilta [at] gmail telling me who you are and your mailing address. Then I can send you a postcard next month, with love from Australia.

Please help me out with this challenge. I’m really looking forward to this one. 


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30 New Places in 30 Days

My July challenge was to visit 30 new places within 30 days. It could be anything from trying a new restaurant or something simple like a street in Sydney I hadn’t walked down before. I am constantly reminding myself to try new places and not forget to explore what’s in my own backyard. The purpose of this challenge was to make me aware and purposeful of experiencing new places in Sydney.

Here is my list and a few notes on some of the 30 new places I went.

Had to Happen

1. Had To Happen — Mexican restaurant in North Sydney. Not my favourite in Sydney but also not the worst. I’d go back and try it again. They had decent prices and I’ve been told they do an all-you-can-eat fajita special.

2. City Hotel — We went here for a big 4th of July party put on by an American Expat group. I’ve never hung out with so many yanks in this city all under one roof. It was fun times. I had a pulled pork sandwich and Budweiser, but I know the menu and drinks were unique to this particular event.

3. The Commons — My foodie partner in crime, Trish, recommend this place. We actually went looking for a roast dinner (which they didn’t have that evening). Neither of us cared much for what we ordered, but I liked the atmosphere of this place and would try it again. The entrees were yummy.

4. Sam I Am — adorable little bar in Glebe. My friend Alicia picked this place to host another 4th of July party we had with some friends. We booked the room on the top floor which has a ping pong table.

5. Phamish — This was a great discovery and dinner pick. Vietnamese restaurant in Darlinghurst. I’ll be going back for round two for sure. Hat tip to Don for picking it. sometimes he has good ideas.

Jenolan Caves

6. Jenolan Caves — I recommend this as a place to take friends or family visiting Sydney. Take a full day to visit the Blue Mountains and take a cave tour. There are several options that vary in length and difficulty. We went on an easy walk but I’d like to go back to actually go caving. They were beautiful to see.

7. Incu — Cute shop on Oxford Street in Paddington. They carry TopShop for both men and women in the upstairs section.

8. Bourke Street Bakery — Another Surry Hills spot I can’t believe I went so many months without trying. I had heard all good reviews and finally tried it out for myself in July. Yum!

9. Pieno — There is lots of outdoor seating at this Surry Hills brunch spot. It’s right next to the Winery and Thomas Deux. It’s not my new favorite place for brunch, but we all enjoyed it. I would bring a group back here again.

10. Fakeclub — Some dirty club in the cross. Don’t go here unless you’re too drunk to care or understand where you are anyway.

11. The Opera Bar — Can you believe it took me almost a year of living in Sydney before having a drink at The Opera Bar? I hosted a tweet-up with a friend here in July and got a group of about 30+ together for a few drinks. It was a great spot because we had lots of room to move around and my friends who were visiting from out of town of course loved being next to the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. I loved it too, Sydney is beautiful at night.

Aroma Festival

12. Aroma Festival — This was a coffee and chocolate (I think) festival held in the rocks. It was adorable and they had a lot of vendors but it was so hot out that weekend I wasn’t in the mood for a coffee. So that was sort of a fail.

13. Cotton Duck — Tried out this Surry Hills restaurant thanks to Secret Foodies. Great food and great atmosphere. I recommend it and I also recommend checking out Secret Foodies if you haven’t heard of it yet. It’s a pop-up dining experience in Sydney, organised by Ms. Darlinghurst.

14. Grasshopper — We went here for our last Travel Massive meet-up. I was feeling so-so about it until the next day when whoever runs the bar’s Twitter account was rude to my friend. Now I’m over it. Not planning on going back anytime soon, too many other new places to try.

15. Pizza E Birra — amazing, amazing pizza here. Pizza shop on Crown Street in Surry Hills. We celebrated Sara’s birthday here and everything we ordered was delicious. Can’t wait to go back.

Other spots included Tropicana, Harumi, Lincraft, Sydney Winter Festival, Urban Bites, new GG espresso in North Sydney, Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffe at Westfield,  Alma on Stanley St. in Darlinghurst, Chisholm at Jenolan Caves and more.

What new places have you been recently?

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30 Day Challenge: Dry June

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This is my 26th day in a row of not drinking. My current 30 day challenge of having a “dry June” has been less difficult than I originally thought it would be.  Part of me wondered if I would actually keep my promise of not drinking all month. I think that’s why I delayed blogging about it during week one.

I chose this challenge because I felt the need for a bit of a ‘detox’ in my life. I generally don’t stress about my drinking habits, but lately I had been feeling especially worn out. I needed to break the habit and give my body some time to recover.  I also was tired of the extra calories and spending so much money on going out.

I was also curious to see how I would spend my time. I wondered what I would do on my Friday and Saturday nights instead of going out with friends.  I wanted to know if I would still go out with friends or hide at home.  I still found that I was social and wanted to go with friends but my nights ended earlier. I was more proactive in planning dinners and movie nights without drinking.

I did save a lot of money. I still went out and did things that cost money (going to dinner, movies, etc.) but it was still cheaper in comparison to big nights out at the bars. My weekends were more productive this month. I woke up earlier and had the energy to go places, see friends and get things done before 11 a.m.

This is the longest break I’ve had from drinking (since starting drinking) and I’m really glad I did it.

I still have four more days of dry June. What should challenge be next month?


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My 30 Day Challenge Blog Project

I’ve decided to take my blog in a new direction (no this isn’t an April Fools’ joke). I feel that I’ve been fairly professional up until this point. I’ve mentioned before that this blog is my online home. My CV and portfolio are here. I list this blog on my LinkedIn account. That professional part of my life is clearly important to me, both online and offline, but I’m ready to start blogging on a more personal level.

I want to start writing more for myself and less for an audience, because I know that in this approach, you find community.  That’s what I really want the goal of my blog to be, to connect with people. That’s why I love Twitter as a social networking platform. I love connecting and constantly meeting new friends. I know that I have to be willing to “put myself out there” to find what I’m looking for in blogging.

Starting this month I’m creating 30 day challenges for myself and writing about my experiences.  It’s one month to learn a new habit, walk in someone else’s shoes or perhaps learn something about myself.  Some of my challenges will be good for my physical health and others are meant to be good for the soul. There are no rules, expect for the rules I give myself. I don’t plan on blogging everyday but I would like to blog more often than my disgraceful once per month schedule I’ve been on.

My first challenge? I’m giving up coffee for 30 days. I love having my coffee every morning. I love the coffee culture here and I know this challenge is going to make me rather grouchy for the first week and a half. I do enjoy my morning coffee, but I don’t like the idea of “needing” caffeine to stay awake.  I’m spending a lot of money on coffee (maybe around $100 a month) just to stay awake and it’s feeling a bit routine lately. I’d rather drink it less often and really enjoy it when I do have it. I’m giving it up for 30 days so I can detox and not depend on the daily caffeine.

I’ll see where this project takes me, perhaps in future months I’ll take suggestions on 30 day challenges. For now, I have a decent list to last me through the next year and a half.

What blog project are you working on right now?


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