Who Do You Blog For?

cc license, Maria Reyes-McDavis

I used to think the answer to the question, “who do you blog for?” was an easy one. I’ve always blogged for others. I created a Xanga in middle school and wrote about jokes, music and posted photos my friends would like. I started my current blog at university knowing it was a way to communicate with professionals in my industry and have my voice heard.

When I sit down to write a post I have the mindset that anyone and everyone could potentially read it. My grandma, my boss, my best friend or a stranger I’ve never met. It helps me keep a very professional tone but it also limits me. I don’t write freely.

I’ve read some really great blog posts lately that I know come from the heart (thank you Lori). It’s bloggers who write with a passion and intensity as if they are writing in their own personal journal that no one will ever see. I find it scary to put yourself out there but at the same time, inspiring. It creates a connection with the reader that I think most bloggers constantly work toward.

So I’m wondering… Who do you write for? Do you write for yourself or others?


6 thoughts on “Who Do You Blog For?

  1. For me, it’s a little from column A and a little from column B. I do have to take a step back some days though and remind myself to ‘write like no one is reading’. Purely because I think it can be easy to be swept away in trying to crowd please – and sometimes that can take away what makes your writing special, stand out IYKWIM?

  2. When I sit down to write a blog post, I don’t write a play-by-play of my life. I try to cover larger topics that I feel other people can relate to as well.

    I made the mistake of sharing my relationship with my ex boyfriend on my blog (I was dating a Frenchman that I met in Australia) Now, my relationship status is the one topic I will not speak. I believe this information is sensitive, easily biased, and in all honesty, too unsure to share with the general public.

    I believe that posts from the heart engage readers because (hopefully) they can relate to many of the struggles I’m facing. There’s a comfort in knowing that someone else is going through the same challenges as you.

  3. Great post Hannah 🙂 I blog as a way to share, educate, and to process things I have already done in “real life”. All of my blog posts were born from real life conversations or experiences, where I felt that this topic would be great to share with a larger audience to get more people involved in the conversation.

    Professionally, it also helps build my own digital identity to share with prospective employers the knowledge base I am bringing to the table.

    Blogging is a win-win for everyone!


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