30 Day Challenge: Going Veggo

cc license, Cyn74

I had an interesting start to this month’s challenge.  Tuesday was Melbourne Cup and after a few drinks I found myself scarfing down a delicious chorizo pizza. Not a very good way to start my 30 days as vegetarian. However, I’m hopefully on the right track now.

The idea of having a meat-free month came up as soon as I decided to start these 30 day challenges. I knew it was something that truly would be a challenge for me, considering meat is part of my everyday diet. Not only do I typically eat meat daily, I probably eat more servings than I should and I quite enjoy it — guilty all around.  Since moving to Sydney I’ve already had a mind shift around how I view food. I used to believe that a meal only was complete with some type of meat. Now I know that’s untrue, and I’ve found of wide range of vegetarian meals I adore.

I didn’t choose this challenge because I have any true moral conflicts with eating meat. Although I do recognise some of the environmental effects meat consumption has. Mostly I’m doing it out of curiosity. I want to walk 30 days in someone else’s shoes. I’m always curious about new foods and this will force me to be creative with my meals and perhaps try a few new things. My sister is a veggo (ex-vegan) and also encouraged me to go for it. Always helps to have people encouraging you to try new things.

Day six and counting… wish me luck.

Do you have any yummy veggo recipes to share with me? 


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