Rules of Twitter: Are you following me?

A friend from the blogging world, Tim (aka @anotherguy) brought up an interesting topic related to Twitter this week. He tweeted “If I unfollowed everyone and instead put the people I follow into lists, how many of you would hate me forever?”  I was surprised by this. I’ve had chats with Tim before online andContinue reading “Rules of Twitter: Are you following me?”

An Exercise for the Mind: 30 Days of Writing

My first challenge of giving up coffee last month has come to an end. I definitely missed it and was quite happy to order a flat white with brunch on the first of the month yesterday.  While giving up coffee (and that morning caffeine) was good for my health, this month I decided to chooseContinue reading “An Exercise for the Mind: 30 Days of Writing”

See you Later Sydney: Living in a City of Goodbyes

A friend told me, not long after I moved here, that he has said goodbye to a lot of people in Sydney.  After only being here for a relatively short time, I’ve already started to say my own farewells. I’m sure part of the problem will always be that I’m not from here. A lotContinue reading “See you Later Sydney: Living in a City of Goodbyes”

My 30 Day Challenge Blog Project

I’ve decided to take my blog in a new direction (no this isn’t an April Fools’ joke). I feel that I’ve been fairly professional up until this point. I’ve mentioned before that this blog is my online home. My CV and portfolio are here. I list this blog on my LinkedIn account. That professional part ofContinue reading “My 30 Day Challenge Blog Project”

Sipping on some Coffee Culture: Australian Edition

“Make your coffee at home to save money.” That’s one thing my mom kept reminding me before I moved abroad. Be smart and save money in little ways. A cup of coffee might seem like a small cost but when you add it up over weeks and months it adds up. A good idea butContinue reading “Sipping on some Coffee Culture: Australian Edition”

Two Months In: An Update for Home

Two months have flown by. I realize I’ve been slacking with updates home and it’s tough to keep up with answering emails to people I care about. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m geographically distant, there is a 14 hour time difference or if it’s just the fact I’m still finding my day toContinue reading “Two Months In: An Update for Home”